RSVP is a second-generation family owned and operated AEV dealership, serving customers in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana for over 40 years.  AEV is the nation’s largest ambulance manufacturer with a strong emphasis on safety for both the patient & medic. Our goal is to create an ambulance you are happy with and can trust:

·         Unmatched Safety Standards – AEV is known for setting new standards in crash testing; we executed high speed, double impact crash tests producing exceptional results that changed the industry. Additionally, AEV broke the body load testing standard of 150% curb weight with a 500% curb weight level!  Weight was placed on top of the module AND on the side – a new technique in body testing.

·         Quality You Can Trust - We have confidence in our craftsmanship, demonstrated by our outstanding 7-year, 70,000-mile warranty (covering modular conversion workmanship, paint/corrosion, mechanical & electrical) and 20-year body structure warranty. We use only the highest quality raw materials and components:

o   Side, roof, front & rear sheets are derived from a single .125”, 5052-H-32 aluminum sheet. Modular body welds meet American Welding Society codes for structural & sheet welding.

o   Areas incorporating a window are recessed to allow for a flush appearance.  Louvers are body stamped as opposed to adding Perko vent’s to minimize cutting into the body. Door panels are attached with nutserts that are easily removable for simple maintenance and lubrication.

o   To combat accelerated galvanic corrosion, dissimilar metals are never in contact with one another.  Screw holes are sprayed with anti-corrosion inhibitors and filled with plastic mold to ensure stainless steel screws do not come in contact with the aluminum body.

·         Customization For Less - AEV has one of the largest ambulance parts inventories in the nation, allowing us to customize both interiors and exteriors without the high costs typically found elsewhere.  Whether you have special equipment or want to standardize with existing vehicles in your fleet, AEV has you covered.

We want you to have as much confidence in your ambulance as we do. With RSVP and AEV, you’ll never have to question the reliability and safety of your equipment.  The less time you spend worrying about your vehicle, the more time you have to focus on the task at hand.  

There is a reason why we are the nation’s number one manufacturer of ambulances - our customers have confidence in their product and we have confidence that you will too.