When your emergency crew is the first to respond, you need an ambulance that is frontline ready — built from the tires up to handle the most basic needs with safety and economy at the forefront. REV Group is answering that demand with the introduction of an all-new economical ambulance brand — Frontline Emergency Vehicles. The new brand adds to REV’s industry-leading portfolio of ambulance brands, extending its portfolio by adding this durable yet economical ambulance to the marketplace.

Built in Winter Park, Florida, and introduced to the market in April of 2016, Frontline already offers some of the industry’s fastest lead times — 60 days, which far surpass the industry’s 90- and 120-day lead times. There’s nothing more frontline ready than an ambulance that can hit the ground running.

The M1 is Frontline’s first product offering, available as a Type I or Type III ambulance. Whether you’re looking for a Chevy, Chevrolet or Ford ambulance, Frontline offers a number of chassis configurations to meet your needs. The M1 Type I ambulance is available on a Ford F-350, a Chevy C3500 or a Chevy K3500 chassis, while the Type III ambulances are offered on a Chevrolet G-2500 or Ford E-350 cutaway.

And while Frontline creates an economical option, this new ambulance is built like a tank to live up to REV’s industry-leading vehicle standards. Frontline has come out of the gate with a list of standard amenities designed to challenge low- to mid-priced ambulance brands. Here’s a look at the features that will help Frontline live up to its tough-as-nails, frontline-ready promise:


Quality should always be standard in the ambulance industry, no matter the price. Frontline prides itself on durability, safety and quality. To be truly frontline ready, REV’s engineering team picked apart industry ambulance features prone to wear-and-tear, like plastic door handles, small bench hinges and particle board cabinetry, then set out to fortify those items, especially the features relied on by first responders. The result — Frontline features chrome door handles, a full piano hinge on the squad bench and 3/4” wood cabinetry with glued and doweled construction.


A frontline-ready ambulance — just like a tank — needs to be as agile as it is durable. The M1 model features several components that make it truly versatile. For instance, a trough-style electrical system provides easy serviceability of the ambulance’s most vital components, while CNC-milled door extrusions allow for interchangeable doors. Frontline also features a flanged compartment design — superior to wrapped-and-capped compartments prone to breakage. These compartments also boast louvered doors and baffle vents for better ambulance airflow.


With seven other ambulance brands under the REV umbrella, manufacturing emergency vehicles has become a company specialty. In fact, we understand that every ambulance needs to function like an emergency room on wheels. Your crew needs space to work, which is why Frontline offers 4 inches more of aisle space than competing ambulances. We also know that blood-borne pathogens love to find places to hide. Unlike other brands, we eliminated upholstery buttons throughout the ambulance for this very reason. And response time is crucial, which is why every unit is equipped with an ergonomic door handle for the ultimate accessibility.


At REV Group, your safety and the safety of your patients is our top priority, so we put Frontline to the test, featuring more safety testing and third-party certifications than other brands. Built in an ISO 9001:2008 certified plant alongside many of REV’s oldest (and most reputable) brands, Frontline has passed a number of industry exceeding tests, including a modular body drop test, a side-impact crash test and a frontal-impact HYGE sled test. With these certifications comes a confidence that allows REV to back Frontline with some of the best ambulance warranties.


The M1 model is offered at a competitive $85,182 MSRP for the Ford Type III model (FO factory). Additionally, REV Finance is proud to offer leasing packages for the M1 starting at $1,304. Simply put, you won’t find an ambulance more frontline ready. Interested in learning more about Frontline M1? Call Zach Yeager at (407) 677-7777 for inquiries or email him at for product inquiries, and contact Greg Berg at (817) 995-9412 or email him at for REV Financial Services. Also watch REV’s Facebook page for a soon-to-be-released Frontline website link.