No matter what the situation, AEV can help you get your existing ambulance back to like new condition with our remount program. AEV stocks most chassis models and can work to meet the turnaround times to get your ambulance back into service.
AEV has all the necessary equipment to unmount and remount the body from your old chassis, perform necessary repairs and maintain your structural body warranty. AEV always follows the guidelines of the Ford QVM Program no matter what chassis we are unmounting from or back onto to ensure the same quality goes into your remounted ambulance that was built into your original new ambulance.
Whether your ambulance chassis needs to be replaced or you are just ready to make a change, AEV can help you with a remount and refurbishment. We can remount your existing ambulance body onto a new chassis and make the upgrades you are looking to make. We will upgrade to a new HVAC unit, install a new electrical system and harnesses as necessary, replace the floor covering and upholstery and relaminate the necessary cabinetry along with a new paint job. There are many options to choose from. AEV will remove all the ambulance body doors and paint the ambulance body to the same standards we painted the original body. The remount will be performed by our trained remount team and inspected the same way a new ambulance is inspected to ensure that all the work was done to AEV standards.


If interested please fill out our Remount Checklist