Kish Ambulance

Kevin Kish


I just purchased a Ford Transit 2500 from John and Mack from RSVP. Everything went perfect with the purchase and delivery. My company has been purchasing ambulances through RSVP for 25 years and I have never had a bad experience. RSVP does an amazing job every time.

Kevin Kish

Brookside/Kish Ambulance


Life Care Ambulance

Steve Frisbie


A couple of things.  Back in February we were involved in a horrific accident in an intersection.  Just wanted to let you know that yet again, the safety net at the head end of the bench seat performed very well.  It kept a firefighter who was assisting in the patient compartment on the bench seat! 

During the investigation by the police Reconstructionist the next day one of the first questions they asked me was “what do you think that vehicle weighs”.  I confidently answered the question; under the specified GVW!  I have every new ambulance brought into the fleet weighed on certified scales after we load all the equipment and supplies into the vehicle.  We have never surpassed GVW in an AEV made ambulance!

I just returned from weighing the fully stocked truck we recently received and found the weight to be 10,760 (with myself on board) in a vehicle with a GVW of 12,300.  It helps me sleep at night knowing I could answer the accident Reconstructionist’ question about weight and know being over GVW was not a factor in the crash!  Thanks for caring as much about safety as we do!

Steve Frisbie

Warren Fire Dept.

Henry Criscuolo


I wanted to tell you how totally impressed I am with AEV......the people, the service, the facility.

I knew nothing about AEV when we started this whole process.  AEV won the bid and it was after that, that I did some research.   What I found gave me the utmost assurance that we were going to be getting a good product;  Tri-Hospital EMS remounting boxes, Hazel Park and Harsens Island with older AEVs, but able to get A1 service and support from John Arnos, and several other positive remarks from other agencies in the area.

John has been absolutely wonderful through the whole process basically holding my hand.  I deferred to his experience on several fronts, and am still contacting him for various reasons.  Jason was great during our visit, seeing to our every need.  Brandy is a saint.  We had several paint/graphic issues and she handled them like a trooper.  What I especially liked that fact that she would speak directly to me.  I didn't have to go through someone where things could get lost in translation.  And how Dominic, along with John and Jason, handled our simulator issue on the way home (a simulator came off one of the trucks and hit the one behind, damaging the air horn in the bumper).  That was Friday, May 27.  Being the holiday weekend, the parts were delivered first thing Tuesday morning. 

During the inspection of the units, the gal in department where they detail the trucks (sorry I forget her name), was absolutely awesome.  I had some suggestions on protecting the breaker box in the one side compartment.  She contacted the appropriate guy to come look at it.  He did and manufactured the plexiglass boxes right away.  Also, we had asked about modifying two different cabinets on the inside and that also was done by the end of the day.  The service!!!!!!!  Just doesn't exist anymore in the outside world.  It does at AEV.  Everyone, everyone I came into contact with during the inspection and tour, said hello and smiled.  You provided lunch for them the day we were there in recognition for an award or something......says alot about you and your company.

I can't say enough about my AEV experience and I can assure you that I am singing your praises.  The guys love the trucks.  They're really impressed with the size inside.  They thought that stepping down from medium duty to light duty meant "small."   The layout is fine.  An oops on my part, I suppose, but I didn't order the flip up cabinet doors.  Could use them, and in the future, we'll order those.  I'd probably change the cabinet layout slightly to have them larger.  These are things that I don't realize in a drawing.   Next time!

Please feel free to use me as a reference, if needed.  Somehow, I don't think you'll need me though.